Huxley Decorative Lantern

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Our Huxley lantern is manufactured from aluminium and is available with a decorative crown to beautifully replicate classic Victorian styling both day and night. Unlike our Kingsley lantern, the Huxley is available with all four of our optic options including our patented Varoptic®.

If you are looking to replicate original gas lighting but with LED performance, view our Kingsley lantern which is supplied with a faux gas pipe and clock.


Main Features:

  • Tool-free access luminaire housing
  • CE Marked
  • DALI enabled
  • Available with pre-programmed dimming profile
  • Luminaire frame designed to IP54
  • Electrical & Optical compartment rated to IP66
  • Miniature photocell / NEMA socket options available
  • Automotive-grade sealing gasket


LED option: Varoptic

  • Replica gas mantle design
  • Very low glare
  • DALI enabled
  • Latest generations LEDs & optic
  • Unique rotatable reflectors
  • Variable photometry
  • Lumen output: 350 - 5500Lm
  • 3-8 module options
  • Correlated temperature (CCT): 2700K & 3000K
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 70


LED option: Varoptic Jewel

  • Smaller replica gas mantles
  • Unique rotatable reflectors
  • Variable photometry
  • Low glare
  • DALI enabled
  • Lumen output: 200 - 1450Lm
  • 3-4 module options (more coming soon)
  • Correlated temperature (CCT): 2200K
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 70
  • Limited to area distribution


LED option: High Efficiency Soft Glare COB LED

  • Latest generations LEDs & optic
  • Lumen output: 1000 - 7700Lm
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 70
  • Standard colour temperature: 3000K & 4000K
  • Range of distributions available



  • 2mm sturdy aluminium structure
  • Resilient powder coated finish
  • Anti-vandal, UV resistant clear polycarbonate bowl


Technical Data:

  • Lantern weight: 10.5kg 
  • Windage: 0.20m2
  • Recommended mounting height: 3-8 metres
  • Ø76mm frog mounting or Ø76mm cast base
Made in Britain