Our Story

Pudsey Diamond Engineering was formed in 1982 when Peter Diamond purchased a handful of engineering machines from Alan Pudsey, who ran a tiny machining shop from the basement of his house in Hamble.

At the time, the main product manufactured were Woodpole brackets, supplied to Electricity boards and Councils in a few parts of the Country. Always inquisitive, Peter not only produced, but also delivered, the products himself to gain more knowledge of the Lighting Industry. He was assisted by the many helpful Lighting Engineers he encountered, who frequently struggled to get what they needed to enable them to complete schemes and maintain the lighting furniture at that time.

It wasn’t long before the company had outgrown its premises in Warsash and moved to Andover where the company is now on its third factory on a 2-acre site with over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Over the course of nearly 40 years the business has transformed from a simple jobbing shop to a multi award-winning efficient manufacturing base specialising in many different types of Exterior Lighting equipment, from columns to luminaires and pretty well everything between.

We now use technology to the full, utilising 3D design and printing for product components as well as prototyping. We are the “go to” company for solutions to challenging and difficult to solve problems. We have many European and Western world patents and many more registered designs, both for products on the market and those under development.

It has been an incredibly exciting journey for many of the 40 highly motivated staff who have chosen to engage with us. And with several exciting developments in the background, this journey is far from over!    

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Made in Britain