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Key Features:

Our Flexaboll traffic bollard makes knock-downs quick, easy and economical to resolve. The detachable rubber base can be retained, with only the top in need of replacement - reducing replacement costs by 30%!

  • Rigid
    Rigid moulding protects the reflective panels from cracking and delaminating on vehicle impact.
  • Double Aspect
    Reflective panels can be fitted to each side of the bollard.
  • Standards Compliant
    BS 8442:2015 compliant.
  • Retro-reflective Panels
    Excellent visibility day or night.
  • Reliable
    Moulded from a highly durable and exceptionally strong grade of polyethylene.
  • Reduced Replacement Cost
    Quick and easy replacement of bollard top via a single attachment bolt. Reduces replacement cost by 30%.

Additional features:

  • Consistency
    Sits alongside the Pudsey Diamond range of illuminated and reflective bollards to give a uniform street scene.
  • Low Maintenance
    Smooth finish allows for easy cleaning.
  • Colours
    Mouldings available in either black and white.
  • Recessed Panels
    Added protection against vandalism and weathering.
  • Recyclable
    Constructed from recyclable materials.

If you want to see more, watch our bollard test videos!

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