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I-Boll Retroreflective bollard

MIRA tested on April 2017.

Vehicle Impact to EN12767-2007

Non-harmful Support Structures

Speed Class 50 High Speed



Exercise: I-Boll in house testing

Purpose of testing: Improve graphic extrusion & fixing resilience.

As a manufacturer we are always looking for ways to improve our products and apply techniques which can lead to a faster and more effective process but also extend the life cycle of the product….so why not revisit your design process and add more values? We are committed to a continuous improvement of our products.

I-Boll successfully passed the MIRA Vehicle Impact to EN12767-2007 back in April 2017, however today, July 2021, we have successfully improved the impact resistance of our unique replaceable graphic cladding system giving the I-Boll bollard more strength and resilience when impacted by a vehicle and therefore extending the lifetime and appearance of the product on site. Various prototypes were developed and tested in-house to ensure the very best solution was achieved!

Our I-Boll bollard is available as solar powered, mains powered and retro-reflective. In addition to that I-Boll can be customised to meet various specifications with a range of cladding, graphics, single, double aspect or heritage style. The Pudsey Diamond I-Boll is not just for road use, it can also be used for cycleways, footpaths, parks and residential areas.

 I-Boll is part of Pudsey Diamond ReliabollTM range of traffic bollards which are engineered to exceed all of the relevant standards and deliver high performance, low energy consumption and maintenance in service. Designed around a single look to allow you to deliver a pleasing and blended street scene, the ReliabollTM range is simple to retro-fit, offering multiple mounting options to easily fit onto your existing estate.

 As a supplier to the lighting and highways industry we feel it is our duty to improve the performance of our products wherever possible, ensure they are easy to install and provide a long trouble-free service life, and of course, meet all relevant safety and product standards.

 Here at Pudsey Diamond we are lucky enough to operate from a 2-acre site with 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space which enables us to manufacture and test our products in house ensuring a single point of production and quality control. The wide range of tools and machinery available to us and our knowledge has given us the ability to apply versatile methodologies and gain a more agile design processes over the years.


The picture above demonstrates the improvemnts we made to the cladding fixtures.

Made in Britain