Upgrading to LED retrofit lighting is the obvious choice for anyone looking to save energy and money with their street lighting. LED street lighting has a virtually maintenance-free life and expected energy savings of up to 75%. Here at Pudsey Diamond we have designed and manufactured affordable retrofit lighting solutions in heritage and modern designs.

decorative street lighting

Brontë Decorative Lantern

Our Brontë is a stunningly, stylish lantern and delivers more than just performance. Offered with our multi award winning Varoptic low glare optic and also a high efficiency LED array for all scenarios.


Brontë Lantern
decorative lanterns

Austen Decorative Lantern

Our Austen decorative lantern delivers more than just performance and beautifully replicates a classical lantern style. Offered with our multi award winning Varoptic low glare optic and also a high efficiency LED array to suit almost all scenarios.


Austen Lantern
decorative street lighting

Dickens Heritage Lantern

The Dickens lantern beautifully replicates the classic Victorian heritage style. And, thanks to its multi award-winning  Varoptic® high-performance low glare optic, goes further to simulate both style and ambience, day and night.

Dickens Lantern
retro fit lighting

Varoptic Retrofit

Unique design which significantly reduces glare, Varoptic not only provides the desired ambience BUT is also very comfortable to view at night. Brilliant - night and day!

led street light

Paragon Saturn Retrofit

The original Paragon LED upgrade combined efficiency with usability, changing the way we upcycle forever.

Using this technology and know-how, we introduced the Paragon Saturn, an elegant and efficient solution to upgrading to LED whilst maintaining the classic style of the Urbis Saturn.


Paragon Saturn
led street light

Paragon Libra Retrofit

The Paragon Libra takes the very latest LED technology and incorporates it into an innovative bespoke moulding which removes the requirements for a bowl, whilst still maintaining the original IP rating.

Paragon Libra