Street Lighting Key Set

street lighting column keys

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Part Code: 6027

Small Tri head key 6mm - 6002

Standard Tri head key 8mm - 6020

Large Tri head key 10mm - 6004

Small 6mm A/F Anti Vandal key - 6022

Medium 8mm A/F Anti Vandal key - 6036

Large 10mm A/F Anti Vandal key - 6021

Lucy & GEC type key - 6001

Drop Latch Key - 6007

Slotted Key for Eleco Type Columns - 6008

Two Prong Spade key - 6006

Stewart & Lloyd Type key - 6023

Two prong key - 6017

1/2" Square key - 6061

Stanton & Staveley Type key - 6009

GEC Type Column key - 6011

Made in Britain