New Lanterns for the Market Place, Devizes

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Wiltshire Council


Pudsey Diamond Engineering Ltd



To design and supply six new heritage style LED lanterns installed at Market Street Devizes


The client wanted to upgrade the area and fit new Lanterns as close as possible to the original design. The Consultant, Atkins Global, had already sourced a number of bespoke Lighting solutions from Pudsey Diamond and as we are a specialist in both fabrication and engineering, we were able to offer a way forward.


Further to discussions with the Consultant, we were supplied with a sample of one of the original lanterns.  The equipment had been in-situ for many years and was well beyond its original life span with multiple issues.  The frame of the lantern was in an extremely poor condition and the light source had failed. 

We had already designed our new (Huxley) lantern which closely replicated the shape of the lower section of the originals however, the top section on the originals were “dome shaped” and the Consultant was keen that we replicate the original style as closely as possible.

We discussed this requirement to our Product Development team, and they designed a new “domed top” spinning to fit our new Huxley lantern which fitted the brief.

Once the design of the new lanterns had been approved, we then moved our attention onto the colour specification.  The original lanterns were “two-tone” Blue and White, and the brief was to replicate this.  Whilst achieving this on the main lantern frames and domed tops was very straight forward, the decorative crown was a little more challenging however, working closely with our powder coaters, we were able to discuss and agree the most appropriate process to ensure the best possible solution.   

We then discussed the optical requirements with the Consultant, and we were asked to install our multi award-winning Varoptic® x 6 mantle optic module, 2700K and an area distribution. Integrity is assured using our unique ClamPD® seal technology which provides IP66 gear and optical compartments.

As in every lighting upgrade, one of the keys to success is forward planning and the collaborative relationship between all parties. The frequent communications between the Consultant and Pudsey Diamond Engineering ensured the project was executed in a very efficient manner and ensured this iconic location was returned to its former glory. 


Key Project Requirements:

  • Replicating the design of the original lanterns to restore the original look and feel of the area, whilst providing the appropriate light output
  • Energy savings
  • Lighting criteria compliant
  • Choice of optic & colour temperature
  • Low glare solution
  • Authentic heritage aesthetics
  • Quality engineered solution
  • UK design & manufacture
  • Easy to install & maintain.

Wiltshire Council comments:

We would like to thank Atkins and Pudsey Diamond for their can-do attitude in resolving this lighting issue at the Market Place in Devizes.  The willingness of both parties to invest time in a bespoke solution that helps to reinvigorate this high-profile location in a conservation area is much appreciated and demonstrates the benefits of collaborative working.

Wiltshire Council Conservation Officer:

Thanks to all parties for an exemplary collaborative approach which has allowed the upgrading of the equipment whilst maintaining uniformity with other remaining street furniture, assisting in preserving the established character of the Conservation Area.

Atkins (Consultant) comments:

Working with Pudsey Diamond as part of our wider LED upgrades to standard Heritage styled equipment ensured full confidence in their capability to deliver bespoke solutions for the more historic and non-standard equipment within Wiltshire.   We are extremely pleased with match between the old and new which was our core project objective, as well as providing flexibility to adjust lighting outputs and reduce ongoing maintenance.

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