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Design flexibility in a bollard! With i-Boll you customise the bollard to your own specification, from no cladding, through single sided and with a range of cladding options.

Once you have the bollard design that works best for your street scene, i-Boll's sign face can be illuminated using the well proven Powaboll and Solaboll driver units. Not just for road use, i-Boll is ideal for cycle ways, footpaths etc. allowing you to position a full LS1 (solar) and LS2 (mains power) sign face wherever required.


  • Impact resilient
  • Heritage options
  • Uniform street scene
  • Solar, Powered or RSRB optional
  • L2 Luminance - Mains powered
  • RSRB - Retro reflective
  • L1 Luminance - Solar
  • Additional non-illuminated rear aspect available
  • Replaceble reflective cladding option available
  • Solar version can be remotely diagnosed with Pudsey Diamond Databoll Device
  • Compliant to BS EN 12899-2007
  • Passively safe 
  • Official MIRA test video